Why Foot Massage May Be Better Than Full-Body Massage

Did you know that nothing more than a foot massage could be so much more effective than the proverbial full-body massage? Good news for prudes and really shy folks which could prompt them to book an appointment for foot massage falls church va treatment. The foot massage treatment could be more effective because the registered and qualified massage therapist, also known as a masseuse or esthetician, is able to reach important nerve areas all located within the foot.

Even so, isn’t it true that the feet encounter more stress and strain than all other areas of the body. Because unless you are a really lazy person, you are on your feet for the better part of the day, usually a busy one, walking, standing. When feet start to ache after a long day, much needed relief can be provided through a qualified foot massage. There are health benefits attached to this treatment as well.

Both physical and mental. And isn’t it true that he or she who is able to massage another’s feet is providing one of the profoundest expressions of love, if not that, tenderness and care. Be honest with yourself in acknowledging that this is something that not anyone can or is prepared to do. And just the briefest of foot massages can erase stress and cheer a person up. Such sensations could encourage a person to make healthy lifestyle choices going forward.

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Liking eating the right food. And exercising. The massage that activates the nervous system is able to release feel good chemicals such as endorphins. And those who go for regular massages after illness or surgery tend to use far less painkillers as well. It’s good to feel good. It’s healthy. No need for a guilt trip here.