How Dentists Apply Cavity Fillings

This is how dentists apply cavity fills. The cavity filling cerritos work begins with the numbing of the infected tooth. It is infected because it has been decaying over a period of time. The numbing of the tooth is done through the use of a local anesthetic. It is injected into the affected area. The anesthetic will also numb the surrounding gums, perhaps also infected, perhaps not. Even the jaw area surrounding the affected tooth is numbed.

When you’re numb, you can be really dumb. But that is a good thing because you will not be feeling any pain during the cavity filling process. The dentist now needs to remove all decay. He now needs to prepare the affected tooth before placing the cavity filling. Different methods will be used to do the filling. This is influenced by the type of filling that the dentist has recommended. Two choices. An amalgam filling.

Or the use of composite resin. This is the most commonly applied filling. This is perhaps because it replicates the color of the affected tooth which, hopefully, has not lost its shine. The composite application is also quite durable. It will last longer than ten years, all depending on how well the patient will be looking after his teeth and gums. The initial insertion of the composite resin will be in paste form.

cavity filling cerritos

Thereafter, the paste will mold to the exact shape of the cavity being filled. The amalgam filling utilizes a cocktail of metals, namely mercury, silver and tin. Such fillings are, interestingly enough, not nearly as costly as the first option and could end up lasting a lot longer. Ultimately, the cavity fillings do the important work of preventing bacteria from marching into what used to be an affected area.